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With almost 30 countries under his belt just in the past 5 years, Zach Landis is what you would call a seasoned world traveler. When Zach met Melinda, their shared passion for traveling and new worldly perspectives inevitably led them to the common goal of encouraging the rest of the people of the world to experience things they’ve never done before, to book that dream trip, and live their best lives. 


Where is your utopia? Is it drinking a coconut on the beach of a remote island like Hawaii or Santorini? Exploring the bustling city of New York or Hong Kong? Culturally influenced food tours along the Mediterranean? Scuba Diving the Great Coral Reef in Australia? Summiting the 8 alpine countries or Machu Picchu? Discovering the wonders of the world? Paying a weekend visit to your cousins in Chicago? A cruise ship with a go-kart track, climbing wall, and water slide? Visiting one of Disney’s theme parks? 


Atlandis Vacation Services draws your map to utopia, handles the time-consuming research to plan your trip and find the best prices, and gives you the freedom to just. enjoy. your. vacation.

Zach's Utopia = Coconut drinks, wildlife, and exploring the unknown

Melinda's Utopia = Reading a new book on the beach with a tropical drink

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