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Artist Travel

Musician in the Desert
Musicians and Live Performers

Atlandis Vacations owner Zach Landis is a travel agent that is deeply rooted in the the live music industry. With over 10 years in the music management and marketing industry on his resume, he understands the needs of artists and their creation process. 

We at Atlandis Vacations let you focus on your passion, creation. As you or your management team make performance bookings, you will feel at ease knowing the travel planning and bookings are being handled for you. 

All Other Artists

Are you photographer with ambition to capture the Wonders of the World? Or is your medium is canvas and you want to paint the sunset over every ocean? Or you could be looking for inspiration in other works around the world, is a Global Art Tour is what you need? 

Atlandis Vacations brings the world to your easel, and eases the frustrations of travel planning and coordination between tour guides. Atlandis Vacations will send you where you want to go so your next creation is nothing short of breath taking.

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