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Welcome to China, a country steeped in rich history and culture, breathtaking scenery, and delicious cuisine! From bustling cities to serene countryside and ancient landmarks, China offers a wealth of experiences for the intrepid traveler.

Explore the iconic Great Wall, marvel at the incredible Terracotta Army in Xi'an, or immerse yourself in the traditional Hutongs of Beijing. The Forbidden City, standing guard over the capital, tells tales of dynastic power while Shanghai's futuristic skyline embodies the country's rapid modernization.

Chinese cuisine is renowned for its diverse flavors, from savory Peking duck to spicy Sichuan hotpot, and delicate Xiaolongbao. The street food scene is not to be missed, with stalls offering everything from grilled skewers to steaming bowls of noodles.

Nature lovers can visit Jiuzhaigou National Park's turquoise lakes, the stunning karst landscapes of Guilin, or the towering peaks of Huangshan. Try a relaxing river cruise along the Yangtze River or indulge in a hot spring bath in Sichuan.

China's cultural heritage extends to its festivals and celebrations, like the colorful Dragon Boat Festival, the colorful celebrations of Chinese New Year, and the stunning lantern displays during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Plan your visit to China today and experience the wonders of this incredible country!

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The Atlandis Top 3 'Things to Do'

Private All-Inclusive Day Tour: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall

See three of the top attractions in and around Beijing with a guide on this full-day private tour to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu. Private transportation with hotel pickup and drop-off is included, as well as entrance fees, lunch, and a ticket for the round-trip cable car or toboggan ride at the Great Wall.

Zhujiajiao Water Town and Shanghai City Private Day Tour

Save time without compromising on experience on this door-to-door private guided tour that covers Zhujiajiao Ancient Town and key Shanghai highlights. First, explore the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao by boat and foot, and savor a local lunch. Then, spend the afternoon discovering Shanghai: the 16th-century Yu Garden, the Bund, and the Shanghai Tower. Upgrade to include a Shanghai dinner.

Private Half-Day Tour of Xi'an Terracotta Warriors

Discover China's rich history on a half-day door-to-door tour of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Follow your private guide through the pits one, two, and three and see more than 7,000 terracotta soldiers. Upgrade the afternoon tour to include a trip to the Tang Dynasty Show and a feast of traditional Shaanxi dumplings or enjoy lunch at a Qin Dynasty themed restaurant.

'Things To Do' information provided by Viator and TripAdvisor. Contact Atlandis Vacations for the best prices.

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