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Albania is an exciting and undiscovered gem in southeast Europe, brimming with ancient traditions, spectacular scenery, and delicious cuisine. This Balkan country is home to stunning natural landscapes, including the Albanian Alps, secret coves along the Ionian and Adriatic seas, and a string of sweeping white sand beaches.

Visitors to Albania will love exploring its ancient cities, such as the UNESCO-protected Berat, perched on a hilltop, and the vibrant capital of Tirana, a bustling hub of cafes, shops, and historic landmarks. Other fantastic places to visit include the striking Ottoman-style architecture of Gjirokastra, the stunning blue waters of the Blue Eye natural spring, and the enchanting fortified city of Kruja.

For foodies, Albania is a paradise of fresh, locally sourced cuisine, with plenty of grilled meats, savory pastries, and sweet desserts to savor. Don't miss out on trying burek, a flaky pastry stuffed with meat, cheese, or spinach, or the delicious tave kosi, a baked dish of lamb and yogurt.

Sightseers will appreciate Albania's wealth of ancient ruins and landmarks, including the revered Albanian Mosque, the impressive Rozafa Fortress, and the long-abandoned city of Butrint, which boasts over 2,500 years of history. Other hidden gems include the Franciscan Monastery of Fishta, the beautiful Shkoder Lake, and the verdant Theth National Park.

Overall, Albania is a land of adventure and discovery, perfect for travelers looking to explore a new corner of the world. So book your trip to Albania today and get ready to experience one of Europe's most enchanting destinations!

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Once full of grey, unwelcoming communist buildings, Tirana has transformed considerably since the early 90s. Albania’s capital is now a fun, friendly and festive place to visit.

Full of life, the now brightly colored pedestrian streets showcase some delightful Ottoman-era buildings and Italian architecture that highlights the country’s rich past. There are a number of great museums and art galleries worth checking out. Of particular interest is BUNK’ART, which was once a huge government bunker but now hosts art installations.

While it can be slightly chaotic in the traffic-filled center of town, the scenic Mount Dajti is just a short cable car ride away. With fantastic views of the city below and resplendent nature all around, it’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

With endless bars, cafes, and restaurants to be found around the trendy Blloku area, Tirana has a lively nightlife scene. Visitors to this under-visited capital invariably come away impressed at all that the city has to offer.

Butrint National Park

Home to a number of diverse ecosystems and stunning archaeological sites, Butrint National Park is a popular tourist destination, in large part due to its proximity to the Greek island of Corfu. Many people come to see its majestic blend of history and nature.

Covering a peninsula that is bordered by the huge Lake Butrint on one side and the Vivari Channel on the other, the natural beauty is magnificent; over 1,200 different types of animals and plants reside amongst its scenic wetlands, hills, and islands.

The main attraction, however, is the amazing archaeological site which covers over 2,500 years of history; this includes ancient city walls, remnants of a Roman theater, a Byzantine Basilica and two castles. Wandering around the ruins with the beautiful scenery all around you is a delightful experience. This is undoubtedly one of the hidden gems of what Albania has to offer.


With its beautiful setting on the Albanian Riviera, Himare’s sparkling turquoise waters and spectacular hilly coastline make it a great place to head if you’re after some sun, sea, and sand.

While its beaches and peaceful seaside promenade are what most people come for, the historic old town is lovely to wander around; its atmospheric tavernas are full of Mediterranean charm and delicious local seafood.

Perched atop a hill overlooking the old town is a delightful castle, which offers wonderful views over the sea. The nearby mountains also have some lovely trails and viewpoints for visitors to enjoy, while the surrounding countryside is home to spectacular churches and monasteries, such as the Monastery of the Cross and Athaliotissa.

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