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Moldova, an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic, has varied terrain including forests, rocky hills and vineyards. Its wine regions include Nistreana, known for reds, and Codru, home to some of the world’s largest cellars. Capital Chișinău has Soviet-style architecture and the National Museum of History, exhibiting art and ethnographic collections that reflect cultural links with neighboring Romania.

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Atlandis Top 3 'Things to Do'

1 DAY: Transnistria tour from Chisinau

Be Our Guest, we offer you a unique tour that gives you the chance to feel and to turn back in the USSR period. You will visit the most beautiful places, museums, monuments, parks. and more interesting The city Tiraspol itself seems to be living in an old version of the Soviet Union. Tiraspol is a city of one hundred and thirty thousand inhabitants, and it takes about fifteen minutes by car to reach it after crossing the border of Transnistria. Welcome to this wonderful tour.

Chisinau City Tour - Cricova Winery

Your guide will take you to a walk around Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The city stands on seven hills & stretches along the river Bik - the right tributary of the Dniester. After go to Cricova's cellars - the pearl of our tour, represents a unique undergroud city well-known all over the world by its huge labyrinths & especially by its excellent wines - The National Oenotec. You will be taken into the Cricova wine tunnels by small electric trains.

Best of Moldova: Cricova Winery & Old Orhei Tour including Curchi Monastery

You will get an excellent opportunity to visit one of the oldest wine productions in Moldova - the wine cellars of Cricova Winery, most visited in Moldova. It represents an unique underground city, well-known all over the world by its huge labyrinths of streets, & especially by its excellent wines. It's also a good way to visit the most valuable natural and cultural heritage of Moldova - Old Orhei reservation, together with Curchi Monastery, which is one of the most beautiful monasteries in our country. A full day Tour to see Best Sights of Moldova!

'Things To Do' information provided by Viator and TripAdvisor. Contact Atlandis Vacations for the best prices.

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