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United Kingdom

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Country Description:

The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in northwestern Europe. England – birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is home to the capital, London, a globally influential centre of finance and culture. England is also site of Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge.

Major Cities

Bradford and Newcastle

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Atlandis Top 3 'Things to Do'

Holy Island, Alnwick Castle & The Kingdom of Northumbria from Edinburgh

Explore coastal routes around Edinburgh and the ancient kingdom of Northumbria on this 9.5-hour Holy Island, Alnwick Castle and Northumberland tour from Edinburgh. Head south across the Scottish border into English with a guide, and visit Holy Island and the peaceful village of Lindesfarne. Discover local attractions such as Lindesfarne Castle and the Priory, and explore the market town of Alnwick. Travel through Flodden Field — the battlefield where the English and Scots met in battle in 1513 — and gain insight into British history. Then, return in comfort to Edinburgh.

Westminster and Buckingham private walking tour

Experience Westminster, Buckingham, and more on a small-group tour. Choose a tour in English, French, or Italian and let the adventure begin. Over two and a half hours, your guide explains the intimate details of the many iconic London attractions you see. A small group size and a tour in your native tongue allows you to have a more personalized and engaging experience.

Potter About London - with games and quizzes

Go on a Magic of Film themed walking tour of London. Follow a guide along through Soho to see the Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, and hear movie trivia as you go. You’ll also take a fun quiz to test your own movie knowledge.

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