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Saint Kitts and Nevis




Saint Kitts and Nevis is a dual-island nation situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. It's known for cloud-shrouded mountains and beaches. Many of its former sugar plantations are now inns or atmospheric ruins. The larger of the 2 islands, Saint Kitts, is dominated by the dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano, home to a crater lake, green vervet monkeys and rainforest crisscrossed with hiking trails.

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Atlandis Top 3 'Things to Do'

St. Kitts Scenic Railway Tour

Originally built to transport sugar cane, the St. Kitts Scenic Railway is a unique way to explore a Caribbean island. The train winds along the island’s coastline, past cane fields and abandoned plantations, providing visitors with panoramic views along the way.

Independence Square

Constructed in the late 1700s for slave auctions and colonial council meetings, Basseterre’s main public square was rechristened Independence Square in 1983 to commemorate the liberation of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis from Great Britain. A large fountain at its center, excellent examples of British Colonial architecture, painted in white and pastels, line the perimeters.

Frigate Bay

Located about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) from Basseterre, Frigate Bay along the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most popular beaches on St. Kitts. During the day, activity buzzes with water sports (windsurfing, kayaking, and jet skiing), and beach volleyball. After nightfall beach bars showcase live music, dancing, and bonfires. Every year in June, the bay hosts the St. Kitts Music Festival.


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