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Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. It features a coral reef and white-sand beaches fringed with palms, including Anibare Bay on the east coast. Inland, tropical vegetation surrounds Buada Lagoon. The rocky outcrop of Command Ridge, the island's highest point, has a rusty Japanese outpost from WWII. The underground freshwater lake of Moqua Well lies amid the limestone Moqua Caves.

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The Atlandis Top 3 'Things to Do'

Anibare Bay

As the largest bay in the district, Anibare Bay draws tourists and naturalists with its unusual physical features and its 2 km (1.2 mi) long beach. Shaped by underwater volcanic activity, the protected bay is extremely safe for swimming.

Central Plateau

A visit to Central Plateau provides a look at how overmining can devastate the land and damage natural scenery. From the plateau, 71 m (233 ft) above sea level, you can observe the surrounding cliffs and the coastline flanked by tall palm trees.

Moqua Caves/Moqua Well

Moqua Caves is the best known cave in Nauru, contains a small freshwater lake - important source of water.

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