The Ultimate Guide to the United Kingdom

Whether you’re into history, culture, or nature, the United Kingdom has something for everyone; the only issue you may have is figuring out where to go first! The UK has a lot to see, so plan to spend at least a week exploring. Check out this guide to make sure you don't miss anything important while you're there

1) London

The first stop on your trip should be London, one of Europe’s most exciting cities. London offers history, great restaurants, shopping and nightlife, making it an ideal destination for all kinds of travelers. Buckingham Palace is perhaps England’s most famous royal residence and you’ll want to see inside when you visit. The city also features some iconic tourist sites including Tower Bridge, which is located next to London Bridge; Harrods Department Store on Brompton Road; St. Paul’s Cathedral (the largest church in Britain); Hyde Park, with its many lakes and monuments; and Covent Garden Market at 4-8 Russell Street. When planning your itinerary, don’t forget about Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. When you get hungry while visiting London, head over to Brick Lane or Borough Market. At Brick Lane, check out Frankie Boyle’s Bar or Pomelo Café & Bar; Borough Market has several small restaurants where you can grab food quickly if needed.

2) Manchester

Football and food are two main things that make Manchester an amazing city. With its proximity to Liverpool, Manchester is known for having one of England’s most exciting football (soccer) cultures. Any avid fan will tell you that Old Trafford, home of Manchester United FC, is one of the best stadiums in which to watch football and an exhilarating experience both pre-game and during matches. You’ll also be sure to eat some fantastic food while here as it’s widely believed that Mancunians have perhaps some of England’s best taste buds. A must-try dish is chicken tikka masala! There are tons of restaurants serving up world-class cuisine from around Great Britain. Don’t worry if Indian isn’t your thing though; there are restaurants serving up all kinds of foods including burgers, sushi and even Ethiopian! If you need help finding places that serve these kinds of foods, don't be afraid to ask locals or travel professionals at local shops or hotels where they would recommend going.

3) Newcastle

The city of Newcastle, located on Tyneside, is an area rich with heritage and culture. The city was once part of Northumberland until it became an official county borough in 1889. Although it is only one of many cities in England that has coal history, Newcastle-upon-Tyne takes great pride in its mining past and exhibits relics from that time at attractions such as The Laing Art Gallery and Discovery Museum. To top off your trip to Newcastle, check out its nightlife scene. Although it’s not what you would call bustling, there are some good clubs to visit while you’re here. Visit one during college football season if you want to enjoy yourself without worrying about lines or crowds.

4) Scotland

Glasgow is a city full of life, history, and culture; but it’s also known for its great shopping and food. Visitors looking for fun will find plenty of things to do while they visit Glasgow, but you don’t want to spend all your time on vacation in one place. Thankfully, you can get there from here with ease using AirTrain; just hop on at Glasgow International Airport for transportation straight into town. Just 40 minutes later you’ll arrive at Central Station, which allows travelers easy access across town via train or bus. When you arrive, take some time to explore Princes Square and shop at Argyle Arcade—just be sure not to miss Princes Square itself if you’re looking for nightlife opportunities like music performances, restaurant features, parades, festivals and much more. And of course don’t forget about dining options: try Cafe Gandolfi for tea-infused desserts that are sure to satisfy even those with an endless sweet tooth! Alternatively, find burgers and pub grub at The 13th Note Music Café & Bar—the perfect meal whether you plan on staying out late or heading back early!

5) Day Trips from London

London is considered one of Europe’s biggest and most visited cities, but did you know that many travelers enjoy going outside of London? The beautiful countryside, quaint towns, and historical landmarks are all just as enjoyable as London itself. In fact, some travelers prefer day trips to spending time inside London! Schedule a free consultation with Atlandis Vacations to discuss the countless options for your day trips.

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