The Ultimate Guide to Germany

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe, and it’s also one of the most diverse. You can travel to Germany and find things to do there no matter what your interests are, whether it’s art, history, or nature. But this article will help you plan your visit to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the most important parts of Germany.


When in Munich, I highly recommend checking out these beautiful and historic buildings. There are plenty of wonderful museums, like Deutsches Museum or BMW World. For those with a keen interest in nature or architecture, there’s Marienplatz and Frauenkirche. Be sure to take a scenic walk along Ludwigstrasse and stop by Rosenheim Palace. The English Garden is a great place for families with children while adults will enjoy beer gardens like Augustiner-Keller. And if you love modern art, head to Lenbachhaus. You should also visit Olympiapark (great views at sunset) and Deutsches Museum (the adjacent BMW museum is amazing). Since Munich tends to be crowded during holidays (New Year's Eve!), I suggest visiting on weekdays instead when it’s much quieter! Also make sure you check out Englischer Garten, one of Europe's largest urban public parks! Other things to do in Munich include shopping at Viktualienmarkt (there are tons of stores), taking an underground tour and enjoying local delicacies at Viktualienmarkt Restaurant Haxnbauer. If you have time, be sure not miss Neuschwanstein Castle!


To get an authentic German feel, head to Hamburg (by way of Frankfurt if you’re flying). It’s home to over 600,000 people and is a pretty good microcosm of what modern day Germany is like. You can check out its massive fish market for a taste of daily life. It also has about 150 museums, 60 theaters and 80 galleries, so there’s no shortage of entertainment options if you find yourself bored at any point during your stay. If you have time, hop on a train to nearby Lübeck—it was recently voted one of Europe's prettiest towns.


Cologne is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia and forms part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Cologne is one of Germany's most important cultural centers and was a major center of media and communication in West Germany during its rapid economic growth in the 1970s, mirrored by similar developments in other cities. As it was traditionally one of Germanys Catholic strongholds, Cologne also has a large student population that continues to play an important role for art, music, museums and galleries. Cologne is a top destination for tourists from around world thanks to its history , culture, diversity and architecture.


Sights, Activities and Transportation: Stuttgart is a unique German city that combines past and present, with one of its biggest claims to fame being that it was home to iconic industrialist and inventor, Gottlieb Daimler. This translates into many sights linked with cars (and automotive engineering) in particular—such as museums dedicated to Peugeot, Bugatti and Porsche—but also includes other historical sites that are connected with Stuttgart’s royal history or Christian heritage. In short, you could easily spend an entire week in Stuttgart without running out of things to do! One option is walking through downtown for some great views of both urban and rural areas (Bürgerpark).


Nuremberg is one of my favourite cities in Bavaria and Northern Germany. The city has a rich history, with an old town full of cobbled streets and picturesque houses. Although Nuremberg became known for its Nazi Party rallies during World War II, it is still today considered one of Europe’s most welcoming destinations. You will find everything you need in Nuremberg, including world-class museums, historic castles and endless shopping opportunities. But what makes Nuremberg truly special are its people – they are friendly and helpful, willing to make sure that you’ll have a wonderful time during your stay in their lovely city.


In terms of a travel destination, Berlin is one of those places that has it all. From its rich history as a city that’s constantly reinventing itself to its cutting-edge art scene and cool music scene, from its world-class museums and exciting nightlife to its wide array of tours and activities, there’s something for everyone. The city is also very walkable which helps you save on transportation costs (although with so much going on it’s easy for time to slip away quickly). Once you’ve explored some neighborhoods in depth during your first visit, you can build a road map for other visits.


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